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Web-Native AR and a Post-COVID Peek into the World of Furniture Retail

Tune in to the conversation with Dan Gange from EQ3

Throughout the years, the furniture industry has seen a lot of trends come and go. However, in the post-COVID world, it looks like web-native AR is here to stay.

Register to see what Dan Gange, Director of E-Commerce at EQ3, and Malina Andre, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Cylindo think the next chapter of furniture e-commerce will look like.


Dan Gange
Director of E-Commerce
at EQ3


Malina Andre
Enterprise Customer Success Manager
at Cylindo

The topics they cover in the fireside chat:

  • The latest trends regarding AR and the furniture industry
  • Why web-native AR is slowly becoming a must among future-oriented furniture companies
  • How web-native AR is shifting buyer behavior
  • The experience EQ3 has had with Cylindo’s web-native AR

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