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The Ultimate Guide in 3D Visualization Technologies for Furniture Businesses

3D product visualization, AR, VR, or a Space planner — What is the right technology for your business?

What’s inside?

  • Analysis of the importance of future-proof visualization strategy
  • Evaluation of four product visualization technologies (3D product visualization, AR, VR, and a Space planner)
  • Case studies of leading furniture businesses like Jerome’s, EQ3, Room & Board, and Natuzzi
  • Expert opinion from top furniture players

We put together an all-inclusive guide that will help you break down the nuances of 3D product visualization technologies, see what works for your business, and accelerate your digital transformation.

The guide gives answers to the what, why, and how of four different 3D product visualization technologies, and it’s packed with stats and best practices from leading furniture players.



Furniture businesses featured in this guide


In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Importance of visualization strategy
  • Different product visualization technologies (pros, cons and use cases)
  • Why building a future-proof library of high-poly assets becomes imperative
  • Industry’s best examples
  • A game plan for each visualization technology (3D, AR, VR, and Space planning)

This is your chance to reinvent your product visualization and significantly increase sales.
Register now and learn how.

Furniture businesses featured in this guide