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Top 100 European Furniture Brands: Website Experience Index

Website features adoption and product visuals quality

In this report, you’ll find:

  • An analysis of must-have website features and an assessment of product visuals quality
  • The top 100 European furniture brands ranking based on 17 key drivers
  • UX benchmark studies of the top three furniture players
  • A comparison to 2021 results

Traditional face-to-face interactions have given way to sales and customer service by digital means. To set the foundation for future growth, furniture brands need an engaging website experience that simplifies the decision-making process.

To get a grasp on the situation, we analyzed essential website features and the product visuals quality of 100 European Furniture Brands. See how brands like Muuto, Neptune, and Montana Furniture are thriving with a seamless digital experience and high-quality product visuals.



Some of the top furniture brands featured in this report



In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Importance of visualization strategy
  • Different product visualization technologies (pros, cons and use cases)
  • Why building a future-proof library of high-poly assets becomes imperative
  • Industry’s best examples
  • A game plan for each visualization technology (3D, AR, VR, and Space planning)

This is your chance to reinvent your product visualization and significantly increase sales.
Register now and learn how.

Some of the top furniture brands featured in this report